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A manual Worker,
two channel video, 30 min (looped), 2011

투채널비디오 ‘매뉴얼 워커(a manual worker)’ 에서는 소모적 개념을 가진 물질의 시각적 형태를 또 다른 형태로의 변형을 가함으로써 비물질적 시간을 체감적이고 기록적 개념으로, 학습된 물질의 개념을 추상으로 탈바꿈하는 과정을 실현하고자 했다. 이러한 과정은 스캐닝비디오와 마찬가지로 육체나 물질이 가지고 있는 주입된 개념에 묻히고 가려진 물질 본래의 목소리를 더듬어 찾아가는 과정으로 기계적 시간에서 벗어나 더 이상 구분되지 않는 시간 속에서 개인의 신경질적 불안과 예민함을 편집증적 행위로 풀어내는 과정이기도 하다.

In these videos, the concept of time and the relationship between time and material, are demonstrated and experimented, raising the question whether the meaning of time changes when physical transformation is applied to it? This durational activity is founded on the thought that the notion of time is fundamentally based on a mathematical and physical concept, which has a physical figure. This experiment took place by consuming candles and black lead in different way of using, since both have this in common, that they can be consumed by the passage of time. Each candle can burn for about 9 hours, and there are 8 candles; so conceptually it can be seen that there are 72 hours. If a candle is lighted individually, it normally takes 9 hours to burn, but it took about one hour when they were cut into pieces. The performance of the act of cutting them, therefore, again makes the countable time return to the perceivable time, which the viewer can follow through the running time of the video. This is a sheer conceptual experiment on the mathematical notion of time.